Top 10 Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money

Earn Money Posted at : February 23, 2022

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money

Top 10 Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is through affiliate marketing. There are tons of sites out there that offer affiliate programs, but it can be overwhelming when you are just starting out. This guide will help you find affiliate marketing programs that are right for you, so you can start earning money today!

1) Amazon

For every visitor that clicks your affiliate link and buys something on Amazon, you'll get a small percentage of their purchase. If they end up spending $300 on all their purchases, then you could earn as much as $30 in commissions. Not too shabby! However, it's important to keep in mind that Amazon has incredibly high sales volume (because people buy almost everything there), so unless you're promoting one of their top-selling products, your commission will be pretty small. For example, when I'm researching a product I like to find something that is #1 or #2 in sales rank in its category—that way there's not a ton of competition for me.

2) eBay

eBay is an excellent way to earn money through affiliate marketing. It’s easy, cheap and best of all – it doesn’t take much time. While I wouldn’t recommend selling products on eBay full-time, it is a great side hustle because you can work whenever you have time and pick up extra income without having to do any work at all if you find a product that sells well for you. If you just want to earn some pocket money with your hobby but don’t want to go through a ton of effort setting up your own website, eBay might be worth a look.

3) Clickbank

With over 70,000 digital products available for purchase and an affiliate program where you can make 40% per sale, Clickbank is a great place to start your affiliate marketing journey. (See how I’m earning money with their affiliate program here.) You can get started with a free account here. Once you sign up and log in, click on Earnings on your left navigation bar. This will display all of your potential earnings and more details about each category. If you want more information about what kinds of products are offered or how their program works, it’s best to read their frequently asked questions page here.

4) JVZoo

This affiliate network offers a variety of products including courses, an audio store, and tools for making your website. JVZoo is run by Tom Corson-Knowles, an internet marketing expert who was featured on CNN in 2008 as one of 20 young entrepreneurs to watch. The company features a two-tier program that offers affiliates lifetime commissions of 50 percent for recruitment purposes and up to 25 percent recurring commissions. You can also earn money via rank advancement with JVZoo; you’ll receive from 2% – 5% commission every time you make a sale based on your sales volume over several months. Earnings are directly tied to quality, so if you can produce top-notch products or services, they won’t object.

5) Commission Junction

Commission Junction, or CJ, was founded in 1998 and is one of the most used affiliate marketing networks. They pay between 50% and 75% commission on all sales they refer. They have excellent tracking technology and support multiple languages. Commission Junction is worth considering for your business because it’s a top-rated affiliate network with a history of high performance rates for affiliates. They offer broad-ranging services that can work well for businesses at different stages of growth and specializing in different areas/products. Many small businesses find Commission Junction an easy place to get started with affiliate marketing because it handles all aspects of hosting ads, linking them to content and paying out commissions via PayPal.

6) ShareASale

According to ShareASale, more than 40% of U.S. businesses and 25% of global businesses earn money from affiliate marketing programs. ShareASale allows you to join a range of affiliate networks that cater for all niches, including food and drink, beauty products, travel and even casinos! Once you’ve signed up with one network, your job is to spread your unique affiliate link across as many different platforms as possible. From there it’s just a case of reporting back how much commission you earned on each sale.

7) Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten linkshare is an affiliate marketing network that specializes in sending potential customers directly to merchants. They also offer a drop ship service, which sends orders straight from merchants and doesn’t require a middleman like Amazon. Because they work with virtually any merchant, Rakuten linkshare is a great option for entrepreneurs looking for niche marketplaces. We especially love their easy-to-use interface. If you’re new to affiliate marketing and don’t have a ton of experience or industry knowledge, we suggest keeping things simple by working with small local business owners or smaller companies that are trying to expand their reach online.

8) Impact Radius

Get paid for spreading your brand's message. You can spread a brand's message through a variety of different means: email marketing, Google ads, blogging/social media, video marketing and more. Impact Radius gives you unlimited links on your social media profiles as well as banners and other rich media units that you can put anywhere on your website. They also allow you to create text links so that people who click through will use an affiliate code that gets you paid when they sign up for whatever service they're linking to (think emails). If you've got high traffic on social media or have lots of followers, then there's money in them thar links! The nice thing about Impact Radius is they are easy to navigate and have great tutorials online if it's your first time working with affiliates.

9) CJ Products

One of the most popular affiliate programs on JVZoo, CJ Products is built for affiliates with a focus on health and fitness. It has over 1500 products from well-known brands in many categories including vitamins, supplements, home and personal care. Their 7% commission puts them above average compared to their competition. The wide variety of products available makes it easy for you to promote multiple companies. This platform lets you create both digital and physical advertisements that your audience will engage with across their devices: desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and even smart TVs. They offer over 100 native ad placements that appear in just about every major social media network as well as email newsletters/emails.

10) Affiliate Window

You don’t have a web development team. You don’t have a graphic design team. You don’t even have your own office! That doesn’t mean you can’t grow a successful online business and actually make money in the process. Check out programs like Affiliate Window, an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution that helps you easily create, optimize and manage digital marketing campaigns. The best part? All of their features are included in one, easy-to-manage interface. No more hopping from dashboard to dashboard—just open your AW storefront and start working with individual features or across all of them at once for maximum results. It truly is set it and forget it.